Road2CPS Experts Group

Join the Road2CPS Experts Group and shape the future of CPS. For our development of strategic action for future CPS through roadmaps, impact multiplications and constituency building, we depend on a broad range of experts and opinions at every stage of the project. We unite this expertise in the Road2CPS Experts Group, a group of people with expertise regarding CPS willing to contribute with their expertise and judgment in the roadmap development process.

If you would like to join us with your expertise in the roadmap development process, kindly contact us.

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Smart Mobility/ Transport/ Logistics
Smart Energy/ Smart Grid
Smart Factory
Smart Cities/ Smart Building
Smart Health/ AAL

TF1: CPS business models, regulations and service enablers
TF2: CPS awareness and education
TF3: CPS technology and platforms
TF4: CPS connection - with ICT-1a, b, Artemis/ ECSEL, Industrie 4.0

Ubiquitous autonomy, forecasting
Modelling, Simulation & Architectures
Big data, smart sensors and sensor data fusion
Human & machine awareness
Resilience and fault tolerance
Safety, security, and privacy