Artemis Summer Camp

We had a very fruitful Summer Camp in Helsinki last month. It became clear again that Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems play an ever-increasing role in our future products and services and that in fact the area of Embedded & Cyber-Physical in general includes or largely overlaps the areas of Digital Platforms & the Things in the Internet of Things (IoT). On the first day, ARTEMIS-IA invited experts from several support projects active in CPS road-mapping, such as Cyphers, CPSoS, Road2CPS, together with experts from several related organisations, such as ITEA, NESSI and EFFRA, to present information on their roadmaps in order to give a broader insights to our community to open discussions on the future challenges for CPS. Meike Reimann & David Servat of Road2CPS said in their presentation:
‘Strategic action for future CPS through themes and priorities identified from various Roadmaps of CPS, IoT & FoF’.
The second day was for experts of the ARTEMIS AIPP projects and the ARTEMIS CoIEs, to discuss the important cross-cutting challenges identified by their projects and communities.
A lot of views were expressed and discussed; all together a rich input for the WG SRA, that is now in the starting phase to write the updated ARTEMIS SRA 2016 that will be published by ARTEMIS-IA as ETP on Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems.