Road2CPS Constituency Building Workshop

October 8th, 2015

Turin (Italy)Workshop on Future Platforms
Are platforms a solution for our industrial competitiveness?
How can they benefit from CPS, IoT and Big data?

The workshop is set to discuss platform concepts and successes stories in relation to industrial demand and customer needs, gathering about 30 experts from industry, academia and policy-making.
The workshop will count on the knowledge and experience of experts in Open Platforms and architectures both horizontal (cross-sectorial) and vertical (domain-oriented), industrial players of data-intensive sectors and major representatives of initiatives like AIOTI and Big Data PP.

The objective of the workshop is to stimulate:
– Discussions on Platform concepts: what is a “platform”? Why could this be beneficial to CPS? Learn from “Gold” examples that will be shared with the audience.
– Aligning the work of different European initiatives to ensure the coherence of our results.
– Aligning supply and demand. Are current solutions fulfilling real needs of customers? Are they suitable to promote the right innovation ecosystems?
– Constituency building: become part of one of the flagship communities that will define the future of CPS!

The agenda will include short presentations, panel discussions and an interactive session.
– Introduction: presentation of goals and dynamics of the workshop
– Expert Panel 1 (Presentations, Discussion, Panel):
Platform presentations including FIWARE, FITMAN, Virtual Fort Knox, …)
– Coffee break
– Expert Panel 2 (Presentations, Discussion, Panel):
Speakers from industrial demand side; manufacturing, transport,..
– Lunch and networking
– Interactive Session (involving all Participants)
Success factors, needs, threats, recommendations, next steps
– Conclusions and next steps

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Artemis Summer Camp

We had a very fruitful Summer Camp in Helsinki last month. It became clear again that Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems play an ever-increasing role in our future products and services and that in fact the area of Embedded & Cyber-Physical in general includes or largely overlaps the areas of Digital Platforms & the Things in the Internet of Things (IoT). On the first day, ARTEMIS-IA invited experts from several support projects active in CPS road-mapping, such as Cyphers, CPSoS, Road2CPS, together with experts from several related organisations, such as ITEA, NESSI and EFFRA, to present information on their roadmaps in order to give a broader insights to our community to open discussions on the future challenges for CPS. Meike Reimann & David Servat of Road2CPS said in their presentation:
‘Strategic action for future CPS through themes and priorities identified from various Roadmaps of CPS, IoT & FoF’.
The second day was for experts of the ARTEMIS AIPP projects and the ARTEMIS CoIEs, to discuss the important cross-cutting challenges identified by their projects and communities.
A lot of views were expressed and discussed; all together a rich input for the WG SRA, that is now in the starting phase to write the updated ARTEMIS SRA 2016 that will be published by ARTEMIS-IA as ETP on Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems.