Vienna, Austria

November 10-11, 2016, C3 Conference Center, Afred-Dallinger-Platz 1/Schlachthausgasse 28, 1030 Vienna

ECSEL is advancing fast – on European as well as on national level.

This two-day event will give an overview of all these new activities. On the first day, the ECSEL-Austria conference will focus on detailed discussions about the core topics of the Multi Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) of the ECSEL-JTI. Italy, Spain and Sweden will present their ECSEL-related activities.

The second day shall give a broader overview about the future priorities of JU ECSEL as well as AENEAS, ARTEMISIA and EPoSS. In Austria, the landscape of electronic based systems is developing fast as well. “Silicon Austria” was officially announced during the Technology Talks in Alpbach 2016 and will provide a substantial impact for the R&D scene. Strategies for this sector will be introduced and discussed in cooperation with the directors of the European associations.

For the evening event on November 10, 2016 expect an exciting and varied evening that will be a feast for eyes and mouth – networking at its best.

Please find HERE the preliminary programme of the upcoming conference on “New Activities” within ECSEL.